'OLF Maintain' offers an exclusive special works and maintenance service to all clients. This service runs independently of OLF Construction and provides exclusive management to some of London's most prestigious homes. The aim of 'OLF Maintain' is to give clients peace of mind that their home is being cared for by the right experts at the right time through out the year. As the requirements of each house will be different, an OLF Manager will tailor make an annual programme, arrange special works and organise client's services as required.

Annual programme

During the course of a year a house will need to be serviced at regular times. 'OLF Maintain' arrange and co-ordinate all of the services required, from maintaining boilers to clearing gutters and from sealing stonework to running swimming pools. We set out the annual events in a programme and attend site as often as is required to ensure that a home runs safely, securely and efficiently.

Special Works

'OLF Maintain' run a building division that can arrange and deliver minor works and special projects in any home. These works are often scheduled by clients when they are away from home and need to be completed quickly and efficiently to ensure that disturbance to the household is kept to a minimum. We will manage every aspect of these works and are trusted with the full security of many homes during such works.


Arranging, co-ordinating, maintaining and servicing household suppliers from basic utilities to complex media and communication systems requires experience and organisation. 'OLF Maintain' can manage all household services and employ strict security measures to ensure that site visits are carried out safely and information is kept private.