On Site Expertise

At the heart of OLF is quality craftsmanship and professional management. Building perfect interiors and exteriors can often be complex and problematical. We pride ourselves on our ability to work as a team to solve problems and to deliver the most demanding ideas. At the same time, we are always looking for better ways of working to deliver our client's vision efficiently and safely. We have developed procedural systems and lines of responsibility that ensures that our sites are efficient, ordered and safe.

Strong Management

OLF have worked with craftsmen from all over the UK and Europe and believe that the best work can only take place when the site is controlled and ordered by strong management. In order to achieve this we have developed comprehensive in-house management systems. We issue in depth tender assessments for all packages of work and maintain current cost reports throughout construction.

Master craftsmen

Right at the heart of what we do is quality. We rely on a team of craftsmen that we have assembled over more than 10 years, to deliver the finest finishes. However good the specialist sub-contractors are it takes the eye and experience of the on-site personnel to ensure that quality is achieved.


OLF adhere to Health and Safety Standards and typically run projects in accordance with CDM Regulations. OLF is well known by Central London Councils, Building Authorities, Listed Building Officers, Grosvenor and other Principle Estates, for completing large basement extensions, new builds, restorations and other challenging works safely and in a considerate manner.